Speaker Biography

Mahecha Reyes Eduardo

E. Nurse, MSCE, Colombia

Title: Adverse effects of using dolutegravir HIV in pregnant women and their newborn

Mahecha Reyes Eduardo

Mahecha-Reyes, E. Nurse, MSCE, Nurse Specialist in Management of Health and Social Security services; Quality Auditor and Epidemiologist and Master in Epidemiology, with leadership ability, learning, teamwork, honest and responsible, fulfilling my duties and proactive, trained to respond to the needs that arise in the personal, professional and work fields. I have a permanent disposition to learn and easy to adapt to changes, good interpersonal relationships, respectful, creative, organized, with dexterity and skills to perform work under pressure and capacity in decision making.


Introduction: The adverse effects of dolutegravir on the mother and the fetus not yet have been widely studied; the integrate inhibitor antiretroviral drug was to prevent vertical transmission of HIV.

Objective: To identify the adverse effects of the use of dolutegravir That Have occurred in HIV-positive pregnant women and their children.

Methodology: A scoping review we performed in the Medline, Cochrane Library and EBSCO databases, with the MeSH terms dolutegravir and pregnancy.

Eligibility criteria: Clinical trials and observational studies conducted in pregnant women with HIV Were Treated with dolutegravir included. The search was limited to articles in Inglés and Spanish and published Until September 1 2018.

Results: The bibliographic search obtained seven investigations. Two studies report mild adverse effects in the mother. Six studies related to pregnancy outcomes described and delivery, with preterm delivery and small for age stational being the MOST reported. Four cases of neural tube defects in four studies we reported.

Discussion: There is not enough scientific evidence to associate the use of dolutegravir with the appearance of adverse effects on the mother and her children..