Public Health and Healthcare Management

Public health focuses on improving the quality of life through blocking and healing of disease, including mental healthHealth policy and administration involve leadership which initiate public health through policy-making and management techniques. Healthcare management has huge ultimatum these days as it really helps in administer a hospital or a medical office. Healthcare Management solutions are more than one factor that donates to the increasing stipulation in the healthcare sector. Some of these solutions include enhanced consciousness about Healthcare Management services, health policies and improvement in the demand for world class health care provisions in Hospital management. In a changing world, healthcare management is mandatory to sustain in the industry in providing improved care to patients.

  • Track 1-1 Strategic Management Healthcare
  • Track 2-2 Improving Quality and Safety
  • Track 3-3 Management of Healthcare Reforms
  • Track 4-4 Healthcare Marketing
  • Track 5-5 Medical Records and Statistics
  • Track 6-6 Hospital Safety and Disaster

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